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The share of steel structures in total construction area in Turkey is approximately 5 per cent. Industrial buildings, large span roofs and bridges constitute the majority of this very low rate. Multi-storey steel structure applications are almost non-existent. This situation in practice is often tried to be explained by the fact that steel framed structures are more costly than reinforced concrete framed structures. Although this justification may be acceptable for ordinary reinforced concrete structures, it should not be forgotten that a reinforced concrete structure, which is designed to be earthquake resistant and constructed in accordance with the project with a very strict inspection in all respects, is even more costly than a steel structure. Today, mixed use is preferred instead of only steel or only concrete structures. Especially in the design of side facades and load-bearing elements, steel-concrete composite applications are mostly used instead of pure steel as a material.

As Proko, our roots are based on steel construction manufacturing-application and roof-façade coatings. We have the experience and infrastructure to easily realise large span, difficult and complex steel projects. Our company, which specialises in steel structure consultancy, design, project, manufacturing and application, has experienced many projects that can be done with light steel and heavy steel since its establishment. By constantly following technological developments, we reflect innovative applications to the steel manufacturing process and offer these innovations to our customers in project applications. We have been successfully undertaking the manufacturing and application of all kinds of structures that can be manufactured with steel for many years. We have been operating in the field of roof and facade cladding for many years and we carry out projects on turnkey basis.

We produce many structural steel parts used in steel structures in our own workshop. We use the steel parts we produce with our wide machine park and expert manufacturing staff in our projects. In this way, we can give much more guarantee about the strength, durability and quality of the structure.

You can find more information about our factory, its technical infrastructure and capacity on the factory page.