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Proko Construction Industry



As Proko Construction Industry, unlike companies that specialise in only one area or stage of construction, we consider the construction as a whole. When we undertake the project as a turnkey project, we complete the projects in a short time with a quality above the standards by producing creative solutions with our knowledge of the harmony between the processes and a wide variety of applications.
In projects where we undertake one or more parts of the projects, we use our command of the entire construction for the benefit of the project owner company. It is important for the project owner that each stage of the construction is carried out in harmony with the preceding and following processes. Companies that are not familiar with other processes and specialise in a single subject can cause serious time and money losses to the project owner as a result of incompatible service and production. At the same time, our experience in different applications helps to have a smooth construction process within the integrity of the project. Our experience in many areas such as wood and concrete, concrete and steel, wood and steel, different exterior facade systems, space roof applications brings our services and productions to be compatible with these applications.

The fact that all structural parts related to steel, which is the most widely used material in Commercial and Industrial Buildings, are made in our in-house workshop is a factor that makes our company stand out in terms of time and cost. The more production and services are outsourced during the project, the more incompatibility and error rates increase between these processes. Since we assemble the steel elements we produce with our own team in the field, the process is both fast and smooth, low cost and high quality.
– Production in European standards
– On Time Delivery
– Experienced Technical Staff
– Wide range of machinery and equipment
– Result Oriented Approach
– Economic Solution

Our workmanship is guaranteed by our company for life after the completion of the project and payment. If, under reasonable and normal conditions of use, our welding work, the steel components we produce, or any structural element whose entire process is undertaken by our company becomes ‘non-functional’, we undertake to make it ‘good’ by repairing or replacing it at our own option. This warranty does not apply to equipment, parts and components that have been used in a manner other than that intended or expected by Proko. Proko reserves the right to determine whether allegedly defective products or services are defective or have been misused or misapplied.
We undertake to complete the work or project as written in our signed quotation or order within the agreed time frame. Changes to the original technical specifications or conditions will extend the specified completion time, and this additional time shall be approved by the customer and Proko. The guarantee of on-time delivery does not apply if Proko is prevented from completing the work because access to the site is impeded, parts or raw materials are not available from suppliers, payments are delayed or for any other reason beyond Proko’s control.