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Proko Construction Industry



As Proko Building Industry, we are an engineering, project and contracting company specialised in Industrial and Commercial Buildings consisting of all kinds of materials and combinations of concrete, steel, wood, etc.

We provide services at every stage of the project from site surveys to project drawings, from static calculations to the production of prefabricated elements, from environmental arrangements to the interior design of the administration building. We produce turnkey solutions by undertaking all stages from concept to completion of commercial and industrial buildings.
Unlike many companies in the sector, steel, reinforced concrete, wood, etc. We solve the structures containing many combinations with our expert engineers and teams and make their applications.

All structural elements related to steel, which is the most intensively used material in commercial and industrial buildings, are produced in-house in our workshop with a closed area of 1.200 m2. With our wide machine park and technical staff, structural elements are produced with ‘zero error’ policy in our workshop. Our company, which includes all technical and structural services, offers aesthetic, robust, functional and economical solutions that can be used for many years without any problems by minimising errors and costs.
Proko Building Industry has established its own system in accordance with the requirements of TS EN ISO 9001-2008 Quality Management System in order to carry both its reliability and service and product quality to higher points thanks to your support.

The projects we create in line with international and local standards and engineering rules are designed according to the quality, time and budget demands of the customers and customer satisfaction is kept at the highest level by offering creative solutions. We complete our projects by giving importance to all legal obligations, environmental sensitivity, architectural and aesthetic criteria.

The works of our company, which has a wide range of services, include all commercial and industrial buildings such as reinforced concrete substructure, prefabricated steel or steel truss on prefabricated steel and steel bearing structure on foundation, space frame roof systems, residences, business centres, social facilities, industrial buildings, warehouses, sports complexes, etc.
In addition, we continue our continuous research and development activities in order to fulfil all the requirements of the age both in terms of hardware and structure with our constantly developing organisational structure.
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