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Space Roof Systems is a solution that finds usage area especially in Industrial and Commercial buildings where wide span and vertical carrier columns are not preferred. In this system, which consists of standard parts, each part of which is prefabricated, the error rate is almost negligible. Since these standard parts are also very light, they enable the installation to be done easily and in a short time. Light weight also leads to a reduction in the load on the building and a much less costly construction in the infrastructure. As a result of its lightweight structure, it is possible to use almost all kinds of coating materials on it, offering endless possibilities in terms of aesthetics with this feature. With the Space Roof system, it is possible to cover openings up to 100 metres flat without using vertical carriers.
In addition to the advantages it offers in terms of cost, space roof systems are also preferred due to the benefits it offers in terms of optimal use of the available space. Firstly, by eliminating the columns, it allows the working area to be designed or changed as desired. It offers great cost and time advantage in additions to the existing building as it consists of modular parts that can be easily disassembled, assembled and reused. As a result of the system being hollow, equipment such as electricity, plumbing, ventilation ducts, air conditioning, air conditioning systems can be easily placed. Electrical connections can even be made by passing through the bars. Daylighting can be easily solved by creating window elements in the same spaces.
Proko Construction Industry offers the best solutions to its customers even in difficult conditions with its long years of experience in Space Roof Systems.