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As a result of increasing export figures as a result of our country becoming a regional power, important changes and developments are also taking place in our economy. As a result of the increase in purchasing power at home and the intense interest from foreign markets, manufacturing companies have become unable to keep up with the demands. Since the incentives applied are very attractive for companies that want to increase their production capacities, there has been an industrial building boom in Anatolia. In addition, companies in the inner cities that cannot keep up with the demand in limited areas are intensively shifting to larger facilities outside the cities. In addition, many well-established companies, even if they do not need to relocate, want to renovate their buildings and benefit from the comfort, functionality and aesthetic opportunities of new construction applications. As a result of all these reasons coming together, the need for industrial buildings is experiencing its golden age in our country.

Our company, which specialises in industrial buildings, can carry out design, projecting, manufacturing and application works as a whole or separately in line with the demands of the customer. It minimises the loss of time in the transition process by reaching the result quickly with the detailed and ergonomic project studies it has carried out in the works it undertakes and enables the companies to start their activities as quickly as possible.
We provide turnkey service by undertaking all projects of factory buildings and industrial facilities with reinforced concrete, precast, prefabricated and steel construction carrier systems together with steel fabrications and reinforced concrete parts. We determine the fixed and mobile machines and equipment to be installed in the facility and their loads on the structure and construct industrial buildings with wide openings by choosing the most suitable carrier system for the technical conditions.

The most intensively applied industrial building combinations by our company are the systems where a reinforced concrete administration building is used in addition to the steel construction production facility. In the factory part of these systems, the largest possible, partition-free and functional working area is created on the available land with steel. In management buildings, reinforced concrete structures that are more comfortable, have low heating/cooling costs and offer more aesthetic opportunities are preferred.

We continue our services in this field with the strength we receive from our valued customers who prefer Proko Construction Industry for their industrial building needs.